My husband and I are ...

Anna asked:

My husband and I are interested in doing business as missions preferably independent of an agency. What steps should we take to achieve this goal?

Jack Answered:

Thanks for your question. Business is not an area of personal expertise or experience of mine. However, there are a lot of people writing on the subject. Just look up “Business as Mission” on Google. Two authors stand out for me: " David Befus – One of the world experts in the area of small businesses, with a lifetime of experience in Latin America. Note his books on Amazon. " Ken Eldred – God is at Work: Transforming People and Nations Through Business. He is highly recommended by the experts.

If you are thinking of working overseas, you really need a guide. So much depends on where you go. Laws are different in each case, corruption is much more prevalent than in our context, and unwary newcomers can easily be taken advantage of.

This is about the best I can say at this juncture without knowing more of who you are, what business you are interested in engaging, and where you are thinking of working.



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