My heart is for capturing ...

Katelyn asked:

My heart is for capturing the life of other cultures, the truths behind the lies, and the hope that God provides for those less fortunate than myself, through photography. Are their mission organizations that need photographers? Photography and culture and being a living witness of Christ are my passions.

Jack Answered:

Bless you, Katelyn, EVERY organizations need photographers! The problem is, most can't pay for them.

This means that the photographers either have to raise their own support or join an organization like World Vision that afford to pay them. Also, to be helpful as a photographer in missions, it is helpful to learn the language first, because quite apart from just being able to communicate, language plunges you into the culture.

Are you interested in short term forays to take photos, going to a place with others? Do you feel called to do this for 5 years? or perhaps as a career?

If you want to explore this more with me - let's dialogue. Or you can look up a search engine like: 1) Right Now

2) Mission finder:

May the Lord guide you, Katelyn.


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