My To-Do List

Lately whenever someone asks me how I’m doing, I’ve many times found myself responding with “busy” followed by all the things on my to-do list for the week. Without much thought, it’s an easy way to tell someone that even though I’m super stressed out at least I’ve been doing stuff. In the college community where stress and all-nighters are seen as badges of accomplishment, there is the sense that when I am busy I am successful (or at least on the right path).

But being busy doesn’t always feel like being successful, sometimes it just feels like I’m constantly doing without ever getting anything done. Sometimes it feels like being overwhelmed and exhausted. For me, this semester has been very busy, and in the midst of classes, work and leadership, it is very easy to live day to day, constantly doing and eating and sleeping and repeating. This is not the life I envision, and I don’t think this is what God wants for me either. Because even the creator of the universe took a day to rest, and He called it holy. (Genesis 2:2)

Being busy is okay, always being busy is not.  But finding this balance is tricky because we live in a society that glorifies constant achievement. As a follower of Jesus I have to come to terms with the fact that anything I accomplish in my lifetime pales in comparison to the eternal life that was secured, through Jesus, for me. That doesn't mean I'm off the hook or that I should give up on working hard, instead, it means that now, my hard work and my rest should be for the purpose of pointing towards Him.

As I take on my many to-do lists this semester, I am learning to work, not for the sake of accomplishment, but to honor the God who has blessed me with these opportunities, abilities, and passions, and as I work I must remember to also rest within the promise and peace of God's perfect holiness. I pray that I would no longer feel the need to overwhelm myself in busyness, but rather that in all I do, I would be a witness to the work God has done, and continues to do, within me.



Good stuff, Stephanie. I don't know if busyness ever goes away but a spiritually healthy mindset towards it makes all the difference.

Love the blog this Week Stephanie. Learning balance now is good because later on it doesn't get any easier just because classes are done. God has many things for us all.

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