Liquid Sunshine in St. Louis

I want you to picture this: I am dragging along my suitcase, with my large over the shoulder bag containing all of my snacks, electronics and various knickknacks. I'm trying to maneuver the large trash bag filled with the pillows and blankets that both my friend Becca and I had used on the 22 hour bus ride to St. Louis. And it's pouring. 

It's not the kind of rain someone stands outside in during a romantic comedy-- I'm talking about full on downpour, raining somehow from the side getting me directly in the face. Exasperated all I can think about is my hair slowly curling into a lion's mane, and how the one semblance of sanity I had after the bus ride was now gone. A fellow Greek student of mine saw my struggle and grabbed the gigantic bag out of my hand which lightened my load so I could run to the cover of the hotel. What a blessing he was with this act of kindness in the pouring rain. With a sigh of relief, and quickly removing the almost useless scarf around my head I eyed the door. 

Sitting here a few hours later-- showered and dried off (and fed, Becca wanted me to add), I know that God is reminding me as I start off Urbana that this whole thing is not about me. It's not about me or my hair. It's not about my exhaustion or need to be right or have things go perfectly. It's about the joyous blessing I have to be surrounded by fellow Christians who have a heart for Jesus' kingdom. Waiting in the line to check into the hotel, there were hundreds of people pouring in. It's incredible that 16,000+ people have answered God's call and I get to be among them. Tonight the message of truly being able to expect and attempt great things to and from God, and I'm so happy to have a chance to do just that.

I am so excited to see the work that God is going to do in my life through this conference, so I've decided to share my Urbana hopes with you. My hope is that I will have a clearer picture of God's call to a life of ministry for me and my hope is that God will show me more of what it means to be like Jesus. 

Throughout this journey I have this simple prayer: Lord let me love, live, and learn like you. Amen. 


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