Jack-Money...I need wisdom ...

Tanya asked:

Jack-Money...I need wisdom on God's will with money. I am a recent college graduate who has little to no Godly training in using money. I have a huge heart for missions and I want to learn how to use it all for God's glory. I am a pretty un-disciplined person were I spend what I have on the immediate needs/wants I see for myself and others. Do you have any wisdom and/or books you recommend. (I love to read!) Thanks so much and blessings to you!

Jack Answered:

Tanya, here is a helpful suggestion: a great book on the topic you mentioned called "Getting a Grip on Your Money" by William Wood that you could order either directly from the publisher (InterVarsity Press) (www.ivpress.com) or from Amazon. I trust it will be helpful for you.



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