Jack, I feel god has ...

Chris asked:

Jack, I feel god has called me into the mission feild. the problem is my wife doesn't even want to talk about it. How can I help her to be more open to what may be God's will.Chris

Jack Answered:

Thanks for sharing this very personal domestic situation.

I would hope that sooner or later your wife would feel free to talk about the subject. She may not want to talk about it because she knows your opinion and quite frankly, she does not feel called, and doesn’t want to be pressured by you or anyone else.

She may have married you with no thought that this might be in your future plans. Thus, she may feel betrayed – “This wasn’t in the plan!”

Or there may be other reasons. She may be under conviction but is resisting the Holy Spirit’s call on her life.

Some suggestions: - Don’t try to pressure her; it will only make her “dig in her heels more.” She needs time to sort things out. - Let her know that you will not pressure her, but that when she is ready to talk, you would like to. - Pray for her. If you pray together as a couple (and I hope you do), don’t use prayers as a club to beat her with. No fair! - Serve and love her. She has a right to her own calling and decisions.

Some stories: - My wife knows of a couple who were in your situation. He didn’t cajole, beg, or push, but just prayed. In time, the Lord spoke to her and she agreed that she now felt called to mission, and they served happily for many years on the mission field. - I know of wives who have accompanied their husbands, “out of obedience” to their marriage vows. Facing life in a cross cultural context, with less amenities than one is accustomed to in the States, caused them to become bitter. They never learned the language well, were miserable, and the couples didn’t last long.

So, Chris, may the Lord guide you. You’ll find that the Lord is not in a hurry. He probably wants to work on some issues with you as a couple as you seek to sort things out.

May He guide and bless you.



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