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Donna asked:

Jack, I am remarried, and dedicated my life to the Lord within a week of marrying. This was almost three years ago. We have a Brady bunch family of 9! Tho only 3 of the children live with us full time. The Lord called me up to start a food and clothing ministry here in our little community. Wow, the miracles and blessings are awesome. A year ago, the Lord began putting a certain location in Tennessee in my heart. I have told my husband for a year now that I was being called to that area. Now, it is down to the nitty gritty. I know we are supposed to leave within a month or so. The problem is, my husband won't go! He says he is the head of the house and if we were supposed to move to Tennessee, God would've told him first. According to him, God hasn't spoken ANYTHING to him. Not whether to stay, or whether to go. He refuses to leave his job, and his two younger sons. We would only move about 4-5 hours away. What am I supposed to do? I've tried to ignore the call, but it is impossible. I am tore up inside. Now, my husband is going to come into some money at the end of the month and he is moving out and going to divorce me because I am determined to follow the Lord's call. Am I wrong? How do I ignore such a strong calling? Am I crazy? Would the Lord seperate a husband and wife in these last days? I would love some insight on our situation. Sincerely, Donna

Jack Answered:

I feel that you need to see a Christian marriage counselor and talk about your lives, what your priorities are, how you make decisions, and explore the whole matter of Christian guidance. Both of you need to discuss what your roles are in the home and the marriage. " What does it mean for him to be “the head of the house?” What does it mean for you? " What do you mean when you say, “The Lord put a location on my heart; we are to leave in a month or two”? What does this mean to him?

I think that you and your husband have a lot of working through of issues to do together, especially if he is talking separation and even possibly divorce. This is very serious and makes me wonder what other issues you have had struggles with.

One thing is certain: the Lord does not separate couples! People do. As the prophet Malachi reports, “God hates divorce.”

So, Donna, I think you both have some work to do. Saving and strengthening your marriage is more important than moving to Tennessee. If the Lord really wants you folks to move there, He can surely work in your husband’s heart – in His way and in His time.



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