Jack, Due to a personal ...

Nina asked:

Jack, Due to a personal connection, I've had a passion for helping young girls who've been hurt, abused, exploited, rejected, or abandoned by the world since I was little. I want them to know their value and to find the redemption in Christ to reclaim their image in Him. Where can I go to find missions organizations that would allow me to start helping through short-term missions?


Jack Answered:

Thanks, Nina, for your interest in children, especially girls. Because in the cross-cultural context you may well run into language and cultural issues, it may be difficult for you to find an opportunity for a short-term experience.

I would suggest that you contact www.MissionFinder.org.  In the blank space, put in "Children at Risk." You will find several agencies listed there. I personally don't know any of them, but you can write them and see what they are doing.  It's a start.

May the Lord guide you in your noble desire to help children.



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