Jack, do you know any ...

esther asked:

Jack, do you know any women missionaries who are married with kids, but their husband is NOT called to be a missionary? Does this, or would this work, if the husband just does not feel that is his calling, although he is a Christian?Esther

Jack Answered:

Yes, Esther, I have been asked this question before. Also, husbands called, but wives not. I know of women who are ministers of congregations whose husbands have another calling and things seem to be working well. But missions is unique, since it usually involved a cross-cultural element, involvement in another country involving language learning, and complicated issues of employment.

I would think that most mission agencies would insist on the couple having a united call. The strains of missionary living are sufficiently great when the couple both feel called, but when only one is called and the other is simply "going along" because of a marriage commitment / mutual love, I would expect serious interpersonal tensions.

The other alternative is for the wife to engage in ministry where her husband is working, if he is agreeable. There are many areas of desperate need, such as inner-city activities, women's evangelistic Bible studies, Sunday School opportunities, etc., that are equally a matter of "mission."

May the Lord guide you both, as you talk about and pray over this very important issue of calling. May it unite your family even more.



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