It's Happening!

My flight is booked, hotel is reserved, and my bags are packed. Okay, maybe not that last one, but it is finally sinking in that in 3 short months I am going to be at Urbana. Over the last few years I’ve heard bits and pieces of what happens at Urbana but now that it’s happening, I’m going to Urbana, I thought that I might share what exactly I’m hoping for and looking forward to.

When I first heard about this missions conference called Urbana, I didn’t really think it would be something I would go to. Like many people, I thought that missions only meant those called to be full time missionaries. While that is necessary and absolutely meant for some people, I didn’t feel like I was meant for those missions.

This of course has drastically changed in these last few years. Not because I somehow now feel called to be a missionary, but rather as I’ve grown in my understanding of God and his plan for my life my whole notion of what missions is has been drastically changed. In wanting to see the world as God sees it, to see the hurt and need all around us, I have come to see that missions is about showing God in these places. For some that means going out to far off places, for others it’s going out to right where you are. Though, I am not really sure where I fall on that spectrum I know that I want to continue to grow in my understanding of God’s mission at Urbana.

In the last few years, I have also come to understand more of who I am and what passions I have inside of me. Part of seeing the world as God sees it is finding the areas of need that I want to pursue. As I prepare for my life after college I look forward to the resources and tangible opportunities Urbana provides. Though the idea of hundreds of organizations and thousands of people can be overwhelming, I am very excited to see just a glimpse of how God is working in the world and maybe find where I can use my passions and abilities to join in His mission.

Mostly though, I’m looking forward to Urbana because I can’t wait to spend time learning in God’s presence. I can’t wait to hear from the speakers who have spent their lives deep in His call. I can’t wait to share in the ways God is working in me and everyone there. I can’t wait to grow in areas that I don’t even know I need. Though it can be intimidating or scary, I can’t wait to experience everything that God has in store for me at Urbana.


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