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Stephanie asked:

I'm interested in pursuing missions related life. I'm a anthropologist and librarian at heart, and feel it's of the utmost importance to understand a people and it's culture before and to better reach them with the gospel. I'm looking at ways to plug in to this passion. What idea, options, and course of actions are needed for such things? I also have a young family, which may limit me some. Your thoughts are appreciated.

Jack Answered:

Stephi, I applaud your interest in missions. I couldn’t agree more with your conviction of the utmost importance of understanding a people and its culture to more effectively seek to reach them with the Gospel.

Because of your background, I would encourage you to write to the Wycliffe Bible Translators. As you may know, they have literally thousands of field missionaries learning the languages of groups that as yet don’t have the Scripture translated into their language. With your anthropological sensitivity and librarian skills, they may be needing someone just like you. Having a young family may complicate things, but not necessarily, depending on where you were located.

New Tribes Mission is also an entity reaching out to tribal peoples, in evangelism, church planting, and also Bible translation.

May the Lord guide you as you follow His leading.



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