I'm a grad student studying forensic science

Sophie asked:

Dear Jack, I'm a grad student studying forensic science and soon to be graduating. I'm curious if there are any mission agencies (in any country) that work in this type of field?

Jack Answered:

Sophie, much depends on what led you to study in this field and why you are considering missions. Narrowly, you are prepared to work in the legal field. Broadly, you have been trained to think logically and follow arguments to their local conclusions.

In a foreign environment, your narrow skills would probably bump into different legal systems. (For example, in Colombia, their legal system is based on the Napoleonic Code.) But your broader skills would be valuable in helping an organization work through issues.

I think the best way to begin would be to ask the Lord to lay a geographic area on your heart, and then guide you as you investigate which mission agencies work there. You could then discuss with the leaders of the agency what the needs are that correspond to your training and personal interest. One day you may find yourself far from the technically legal field, but you’ll use how your study prepared you as an individual to use other gifts more effectively.

The crucial element is focusing on your relationship to God and seeking His guidance. He made us to love and serve Him, and is most creative in showing us His path!

In His Grace,



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