Iam 38yrs and a just ...


Iam 38yrs and a just graduated missionary from G.M.F. Christian University in Lome Togo, Africa. Can you introduce me to any missionary association outside Africa please? Chukwudi

Jack Answered:

Congratulations, Chukwudi, for your graduation from the G.M.F. Christian University. I am glad that you are interested in serving as a missionary.

As you may know, there are hundreds if not thousands of missionary associations “outside Africa” in many nations of the world.

I am not sure why you wish to be introduced to one. The vast majority of missionary associations expect missionary candidates to raise their own support. Undoubtedly this would be difficult for you to do in your African country to serve with a missionary association outside Africa, and it would be just as difficult for you to do in any other country.

My recommendation for you would be to seek a missionary association in your own country. Since you have just graduated in missions, you must know of them.



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