I was wondering if I could ...

Kevin asked:

I was wondering if I could find tent-making opportunities. I am an MBA student, that wishes to use my talents for the Lord's work. The site did not help me find what I am looking for.

Jack Answered:

Kevin, I would encourage you to check out these two sites:

1) Right Now http://www.rightnow.org/worldConnection.aspx 2) Mission finder: http://www.missionfinder.org/

As an attachment I am enclosing a statement written by a friend of mine, former President of the Latin America Mission, who has both an MBA and a PhD in economics. He has worked for many years in Latin America helping to get worthy individuals through small business enterprises to help them raise their income to decent levels.

Many Christian organizations have micro enterprise programs. For example, the Latin America Mission has responded to church organizations to set up micro credit outreach in Colombia, Mexico, and Argentina, and also provides technical support for other programs in Costa Rica and other countries. I have written a book on this called "Kingdom Business" that is available on our website at www.lam.org.

World Vision has micro finance programs as part of its outreach to families of sponsored children in many parts of the world, and World Relief has used community bank methodologies in promoting economic development in many contexts. Compassion, Food for the Hungry, and many of the Christian development agencies have very fine micro finance programs.

Opportunity International, Enterprise Development International, and MEDA are examples of three Christian organizations that specialize in this area.

I would think that many of these entities would offer salary positions. The Latin America Mission does not. Its missionaries raise their own support.

More strictly speaking, a “tent making” position would imply employment by a national entity, such as a university or a business. The only way employment could be found in these areas would be either through international businesses or contacts made in a specific country.

I would encourage you to try http://www.globalopps.org/, an organization that helps place Christians in international business opportunities.

May the Lord guide you as you research!



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