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Michaela asked:

I just talked to my best friend about going on a missions trip to India this summer. I would love to go, but I'm new to the church I'm going to,  so I think its going to be hard to get people to give money to a person they don't know. My friend is from where I used to live so she can easily raise the money, but what can I do?

Jack Answered:

Michaela, I’m glad that you are projecting a missions trip to India. I’m sure it will open up a whole new world for you, and all the better since you can go with a good friend. India is a long way away and so I’m sure it will be expensive. However, Michaela, if the Lord is calling for you to go, we can start from the supposition that He is able to provide for your expenses.

Some options:

Time with the Lord: Begin to pray very specifically about this need. I’d keep a journal, because I think you are going to be stretched in your faith through this whole experience. Write in your journal how the Lord’s call came to you for this experience.

In your Scripture reading, ask Him for confirmation of this call, and then lift these up to Him as you ask Him to meet your needs. As the Lord begins to provide, write down these experiences and give Him thanks. This will encourage your faith.

Contact the pastor or the missions director of your former church and explain your situation: that you have moved and that you are just getting acquainted at your new church. Tell him that you would be willing to send them a report. If the church is not too far away, you could visit.

Talk frankly with the pastor or missions director of your current church and explain your situation. They may see this as an opportunity to encourage you both in your service to the Lord as well as your relationship to the church.

Draft a letter explaining the nature of the trip, why you are planning to go, what you hope to get out of it, and what your needs are. Send it to good friends of your family and your relatives. If you are planning to do projects to raise a bit of money, explain these in the letter. People like to know that you are doing all you can yourself.

You may have other ideas come to you as well. Take initiative, do what you can, and trust the Lord. I think you will be surprised how He will bless you.



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