I have fealt a really ...

David asked:

I have fealt a really strong calling from God to go some long term misison work in remote areas, and the problem is is that I am wondering why i should stay in college if I could get started on my calling now...I was just wondering if maybe you had some advice...thanks...David

Jack Answered:

David, I applaud your desire to get going right now! And the best thing is, you can!

Let me explain. Anyone interested in mission work, even if it is in a remote area, should be honing his or her skills in ministry at the present time: learning to share the Gospel, growing in the capacity to help new Christians grow, deepening in knowledge of the Scripture, and learning how to develop strong relationships with others through prayer. Far better to learn and develop these skills while using your own language among people you feel at home with.

But getting back to the subject of college, your studies are giving you more than just interesting facts; they are growing and shaping you as a person. You will discover that all you learn, at one time or another, in one way or another, will be useful for you. The Lord doesn't waste these resources. Actually, after you have been in a "remote area" for several years, you will see the need of much more study. Plan on it. A college deploma is exceedingly valuable. Don't lose out on gaining one!

So, meantime, buckle down to study, seek opportunities to grow as a Christian in witness and fellowship, and ask the Lord both for patience and for not allowing you to lose the vision and enthusiasm you have now.



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