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Susan asked:

I have dreaming of volunteering in an orphanage since childhood. The dream has turned into a calling from God. I am a nurse and am wondering how to first plan a short mission trip for friends and family. Second how can I prepare my husband and I for a longer term project. (classes, seminars etc).

Jack Answered:

Susan, the best website I know of to help you with the planning of a short mission trip for friends and family would be: www.shorttermmissions.com

As for preparation for a longer term project, you need to work through some variables: " Where would you like to serve? There are hundreds of orphanages needing help over-seas, in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Some are managed by American mission agencies. Some are managed by national agencies. There is the matter of language and the complication of documents. " Investigation: If you went on a short term mission, you might find an orphanage that tugs at your heart strings where you might be able to work in English, though sooner or later you would want to learn the local language. Most large evangelical mission agencies either sponsor orphanages or are in close contact with them. " Websearch: You might want to do a search through http://www.missionfinder.org/orphanages.htm " Preparation: Once you are in contact with an agency they are the best ones to tell you how best to prepare.

May the Lord who put this burden on your heart help you find the best place of service for you and your husband.



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