I feel so overwhelmed by ...

Nathaniel Edison asked:

I feel so overwhelmed by all the differnt ministry oppurtunites that are available. How do I figure out how to get involved in a specific missions org, or ministry. I know that I have a passion for disiplship and rasing people up in the Lord. But how do I find a specific ministry to be involved in. Any advice would be great, thanksNathaniel Edison

Jack Answered:

My best advice to you, Nathaniel, would be to get started right where you are. It doesn’t have to be a big deal or involve a lot of people. For example, talk to your pastor about teaching a Sunday School class. My father who became a very successful missionary got interested in spiritual things because he had a Sunday School teacher who took an interest in boys. He not only taught them on Sunday but took them on trips to the beach, to evangelistic meetings, and to hear special speakers. It was through him and these meetings that he received Christ and also his call to missions.

If you are a student, get involved in a local Christian group that meets on campus. Learn to lead a Bible study, to lead individuals to Jesus, to help them grow in “grace and the knowledge of Jesus Christ.” Be faithful in your own walk with the Lord. As you participate in these activities you will learn more about your gifts and you will be amazed at how God opens doors for more challenging opportunities. It’s all about being faithful in small things.

May the Lord guide you step by step. He knows you, loves you, and desires to show you His best – even more than you desire to find it!



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