I began to sense Gods ...

Foluso asked:

I began to sense Gods leading into mission several years ago but the agencies are far eroding from my country Nigeria which much ministry investment is rather on church founding.Please can get me sincere and de-tribalised organizations that will help me and network with me in training others here in Nigeria.Foluso

Jack Answered:

Foluso, I do not know the situation first hand in Nigeria. Nor do I know why the mission agencies are leaving your country. I would guess that it is because they feel their work is done in that they have founded churches, denominations, and theological schools and that now it is the duty and responsibility of the Nigerians to complete the work of God there.

There are no organizations I can put you in touch with, since I am far from your country. However, I am sure that you can find local entities which have your own vision and with whom you can work.



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