I am a student currently majoring in arts administration...

Brit asked:

Hi! I am a student currently majoring in arts administration with an emphasis in theater. This major basically combines a theater minor and a business minor into one big degree. However, my primary interests lie in technical theater, (with most of my experience being in stage management) and working on large scale productions. Are there any types of mission work out there that might fit this bill? I really feel called to reach out to the people in the theater industry. Thanks!

Jack Answered:

Brit, you are dealing with fields in which I have little experience. However, I can share some websites with you that you may find helpful. www.intent.org and http://www.globalopps.org/ seek to help "tentmakers" find a niche overseas as a means of witness. You can also explore the options listed in http://www.rightnow.org/worldConnection.aspx and http://www.missionfinder.org/

Approaching your situation from a more "traditional" agency channeled missions position, I can imagine many large missions who would be delighted to find an individual trained and experienced in business to relieve missionaries trained as preachers and teachers to do what they have been prepared for, but who have been forced into administration because no one trained in this field was available. After learning the language and gaining confidence in the local culture as well as making friends with leaders in local churches, I can well imagine you getting young people involved in theater which can be a powerful tool both to present the Gospel as well as teaching spiritual principles.

One of our colleagues in the theological seminary in Colombia used to produce impressive pageants each year, both in the Seminary itself as well in the church where her husband (a national) was the pastor.

Youth with a Mission (YWAM) does a lot with pantomime in their public/street evangelistic presentations.

Lots of possibilities! I would encourage you to gain as much practical experience as you can while working in your own culture; take some Bible, theology, and anthropology courses; observe theater arts professionals in their use of medium that present spiritual themes; and keep asking the Lord where He would have you serve.

In our post modern culture, theater arts is a unique tool the Lord is using with great effect.



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