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Tamela asked:

I am a single woman (middle aged, physically healthy and active, praise God!) and interested in becoming an inner city missionary in the USA. I belong to an Assembly of God church and currently direct the music and participate on the church planning team. I have asked my pastor a couple of times about where to find out specifics, how to get started so to speak; he recommended me to a gentleman that referred me to a web site, no help whatsoever; I think my pastor wants to help but just doesn't know how. The Lord has placed me in some larger cities and I have been involved in some short term missions but I feel Him calling me to be a greater witness to the lost; I have spoken with many different people about my faith and prayed with and for them. I don't know what to do at this point. I was wondering if you could suggest any websites or contacts that could help me. In the past year we have had several missionaries visit our church and each time they leave I think, Lord I really would like to do that. I feel drawn to participate as a worker in the harvest of souls for the Lord. I have a lot of formal education (2 masters degrees and a doctorate plus specialized training and certification in counseling) and hold a faculty position and have diverse other responsibilities at a large urban university. If you can offer any advice I would appreciate it, your prayers of course are greatly welcomed. Tamela

Jack Answered:

Hi, Tamela:

Thanks for your question regarding the possibility of Inner City Ministry. I am surprised that your pastor has not directed you to the Assemblies of God website (http://usmaps.ag.org/miss_associates.cfm#top). On this page I note that they have options for Inner City ministry.

I looked up Google with the subject: Inner City Gospel Missions. They have a number of options mentioned. Here are a few that sound interesting, but there are many more. I am not familiar with any of them, personally. Association of Gospel Rescue Missions: http://www.iugm.org/sumr-dir.html

Street Life Ministries http://www.streetlife.org/index.html Street Life Ministries is an organization of Christian Missionaries from a multi-ethnic and multi-denominational background who are dedicated wholly to the Lord Jesus Christ and committed fully to the completion of the Great Commission as stated in Mark 16:15, "Go ye into all the World and preach the Gospel to every creature." Emmanuel Gospel Center http://www.egc.org/about/ The purpose of Emmanuel Gospel Center is to understand and help nurture the vitality of the Church in the context of the broader urban community, particularly in Boston's low-income and immigrant communities where the work of the Church is so critical. However, as I review your impressive qualifications, experience, heart, and experience, the question comes to me why you don't focus on the university as a place of ministry. You have the titles and have won your way, yet have maintained your faith and desire to share the Gospel; what better place? We worked with students for 20 years in Colombia, South America, but I began as a professor of English in the National University in Bogota, having to cross a cultural and linguistic barrier. Have you considered this option? With undergrads, grads, Faculty, or international students, there is so very much that can be done. But I'll get off my soap box! I'm sure you have your reasons for wanting to work in the Inner City.

I trust these ideas and sources will be a help to you, Tamela. May the Lord guide you.



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