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Christine Hackett asked:

I am planning to go to the Mission Field by next summer, firt for three months and then longer if God allows and leads.My question is, I want to plan to have enough support. How do I figure out how much I will need to live in a certain place?Also is there any networking you know of that would address house swapping for the time I am gone?Thank youChristine Hackett

Jack Answered:

Christine, when you refer to “the Mission Field” you mention a wide range of possibilities, from the high standard of living in modern cities to rustic third world villages.

I would encourage you to contact someone who is living where you plan to go and ask their advice. While you are at it, ask them to guide you as to the kind of clothes you should take with you, whether you can drink the water, how you can change money, etc. You can also find out an incredible amount of information on the internet.

It’s always advisable to take more than you think you will need. You can’t know what emergencies might occur.

I do not know of any networking that would help you “house swap.” It would certainly be a helpful service, however!



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