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elizabeth asked:

I am a Nigerian Citizen, studying architecture in the US. If I have to raise money or support for a missions trip, how am I to do so if I don't know very many people, and if the people I do know are sort of poor? And clearly, my family and friends in Africa cannot help me as they can't afford to.

The group I am interested in joining says they will offer the help to raise support.

Jack Answered:

Hi, Elizabeth:

Thank you for your question.

Raising support for ministry is always a challenge! However, let me say from the outset that the fundamental issue is not so much money as it is growing in faith and dependence on God. Therefore, the first question to be settled is, do you feel that the Lord has called you to go on this mission trip? If He has, then you can pray for the funds, knowing (as Hudson Taylor said many years ago) "God's work done in God's way will meet God's supply."

  1. So, the first step would be to place the matter before the Lord in prayer, reminding Him of His call, His purposes for your life, and the abundance of His resources.
  2. Secondly, I would encourage you to communicate with the group who has offered to help you raise support. Ask them what suggestions they have in mind.
  3. Thirdly, I would suggest that you share the matter with the pastor of the church you are attending. Mention this opportunity you have, share with him (or her) how the Lord led you to project this trip, and ask if the church would be interested in helping to sponsor you.
  4. If you are meeting with Christian friends in the university, it would also be appropriate to note the opportunity you have and ask them to help you pray for the needed resources. They may also be interested in helping you financially.

You are about to set out on a new adventure of faith! Pray that the Lord would make it far more than just "fund raising." Rather, a step higher in what it means to trust the Lord.

Blessings on you, Elizabeth.



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