I am just wondering if you ...

Beth asked:

I am just wondering if you can suggest some resources regarding fundraising ideas for missionaries. My husband and I are just beginning the whole process and we are unsure as to how to go about asking for prayer support and also financial support. Any suggestions or ideas you could share would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

Jack Answered:

Dear Beth: Thanks for your question about fundraising resources. This may be one of the scariest issues potential missionaries and Christian workers have to face. Yet, just as many "giants" we have to face, as you see God provide it may turn out to be the source of your greatest growth in faith and consequently a blessing in disguise.

1) First of all, let's deal with a foundational premise. If God has truly called you, ultimately it is His responsibility to provide for you as you follow His leading. He is the Lord of the universe for which there is nothing difficult (Genesis 18:14). He even calls into existence things which do not as yet exist (Romans 4:17). This is a source of great comfort for us. However, don't forget that sometimes His calendar and pace are not as rapid as we might wish! Abraham had to wait quite a while before he received the promise of his son, Isaac. Remember, for God the issue is not simply money. He will use this experience to develop other characteristics in you both, such as faith, patience, sensitivity to others, etc.

2) Study the following biblical passages: the life of Abraham in Genesis 11:27-25:11, Romans 4, and Hebrews 11. In Philippians 4:10-20, Paul refers to his own "fund raising" experience in every verse. It is a very rich study.

3) I would recommend two books:

a) William P. Dillon, People Raising, A Practical Guide to Raising Support, (Chicago: Moody Press, 1993.) ("Support raising should be people raising -- the building of relationships with people with the resultant prayer interest and financial support. The seasoned missionary, candidate or entire candidate school will profit from reading and studying this book" John H. Orme, Executive Director, IFMA.)

b) Pete Sommer, Getting Sent, (Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press) ("Pete Sommer's handbook offers a biblical perspective on raising support and gives step-by-step instructions on assembling the tools unique to each person's support-raising task" - Publisher's description.)

Beth, may the Lord bless you as you follow Him in this critical area. He has some special surprises for you! He loves you, knows your needs, and is fully able to do more than you can ask or even imagine.

In His Fellowship of Grace,



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