I am a junior in high ...

Jess asked:

I am a junior in high school and I am interested in international development (in agriculture, business, etc.). I was wondering if you knew of any summer opportunities in this area with Christian organizations. I am home schooled and I am taking courses at UMass, Amherst in Resource Economics, Music and Italian. Any info you have would be awesome!

God Bless!

Jack Answered:

Hi, Jess:
Thanks for writing. I appreciate your serious concern for other peoples and the way you have been preparing yourself. From what I have researched, most entities that deal with Community Development on an international scale are looking for college students or graduates. However, I have found two organizations that you might want to explore.
  • Food for the Hungry - Hunger Corps [www.fh.org] Under their "quick find" you'll discover a section on Short Term Missions. They are particularly concerned about relief and development internationally, and work in 27 of the world's poorest countries. They say "Christians from ages 14 and up are welcome. We provide all accommodations, training, and experienced team leaders. Christian commitment and a willingness to serve. Servant's attitude." Their toll-free number: 877-780-4261.
  • International Service Learning [www.servir.org] This programs combines cross-cultural field experience, academic emphasis (with college credit), and extensive travel. Their focus is Central America. Their program opportunities include 2-3 week teams in January, May, and August. Their website tells it all.

Of course if you come to Urbana, you'll be able to dialogue with an incredible number of entities channeling young people into opportunities of service. You will be able to talk to their representatives and discuss the matter of International Development with them. I would encourage you to look for organizations that combine a vision for development with a concern for evangelism, a balance we call "holistic."

Blessings on you, Jess.



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