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Andrew asked:

I am interested in over seas missions, God has given me a gift in music and i was wondering if i were to teach in a forign country on the college level what certifications would i need to do that? What other options are open for a music major? I am looking to make teaching music be a "tent making job" So any info would be awesome, thank you for your time.

Jack Answered:

Several options occur to me:

1) Teaching in a university through The International Institute for Christian Studies (IICS). Note the information given below: The International Institute for Christian Studies IICS (www.iics.com) is a non-profit academic organization that places Christians with graduate degrees to teach in secular universities outside of North America and the UK. Currently, IICS has forty full-time faculty in fifteen nations teaching in a wide-range of disciplines. Each IICS professor has responded to the need for academics around the world to represent Christ in the dark square footage of the university classroom. Each has committed to present his/her field from a Christian worldview and each is making a prayerful effort to influence lives and cultures with the Gospel. IICS currently has over sixty openings worldwide.

IICS appoints professors in all fields. Candidates must have either a doctorate, an MBA, a JD or a Master's in TESL/Linguistics. We need individuals who can commit to at least one academic year. All IICS professors are asked by the host universities to teach their classes in the English language with the exception of Brazil.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like more information. You may email me at teri@iics.com or call me at 800-776-4427.

2) Teaching in a university, making your own contact. Another option is to go to a country that is of interest, and talk to faculties of music and ask about a job. I did this in the field of teaching English. It would have been virtually impossible for me to have done this by correspondence. The fact that I was a fully funded missionary was a great help. It meant that I didn't need to teach full time, I had the leisure to pick and choose which university I wanted to enter, and when the government didn't pay the teachers for 3 months (due to economic problems) we were able to continue paying the bills! The university didn't know anything about my personal financial support and wasn't interested.

3) Teaching music in a missionary school. The following websites would give you many contacts: http://www.teachers-in service.org/Who%2CWhat%2C.html ACSI (Association of Christian Schools, International) / International page http://www.acsi.org/web2003/default.aspx?ID=1980.

4) Teaching in a theological seminary and being the music director in a large church (with the vision of working yourself out of a job, training someone with talent and leadership capabilities).

The first would provide you hopefully with a salary to live on. They note the academic expectations. The last three suppose a missionary salary, and the academic level would depend on each case. I would think that a master’s degree would be sufficient.

Well these are some ideas to pray and think about. May the Lord guide you as you do more research and investigation.



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