How significant is ...

Roger asked:

How significant is Wycliffe's Vision 2025 goal? Should I get involved?

Jack Answered:

For those of you for whom this is a new term, "Wycliffe Vision 2025" refers to the goal of Wycliffe Bible Translators "to see a Bible translation program in progress in every language still needing one by the year 2025. The ultimate goal—God’s Word accessible to all people, so that everyone has an opportunity to have an intimate and life changing relationship with Jesus Christ. "

I think it is very significant, a great illustration of a "vision statement" - clear, concrete, captivating, and attainable.

As to whether you should get involved, well obviously, Roger, that's up to you! - Does translating the Bible or parts of it into a language that up to now has no Scripture within reach of its speakers touch you deeply? - Do you have language gifts? - Have you explored what all this entails?

When you have considered these things, you should be in a good place to answer your own question.



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