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Melanie asked:

Hi there. I am currently a RN in Seattle in a pediatric ICU and my husband is in sales right now. I have felt lead from God since I was young to go into the mission feild and minister to people through nursing. I am thankful to have married my husband who has a passion for children and youth and hopes to minister to them overseas with me (doing teaching, outdoor programs, or youth work).We feel like God is speaking to us right now through our pastor. He is speaking on Nehemiah and how he was sorrowed for the people of Jeruselum many years after the walls came down. Also about how he prayed and planned for 3-4 months then approched the King with his plan to build a city within the city.Anyways, long story short, we feel as though over the next 3-4 months (In June we need to refinace or sell our house anyways) that we are being called to pray and plan according to Gods will and possible sell our place, downsize and go over seas sooner rather than later. Here, finally, is my question to you... we are looking to network and try to find a mission organization or program that would be sutible for both of us. This seems like a big challenge and I was wondering if there was anything you would suggest. Any people that would come to mind that would be helpful in our search. Thank you so much for your time- may God bless you in your ministry,Melanie

Jack Answered:

Thanks, Melanie, for your note. I praise the Lord for your (plural) interest in missions and your desire to find His place for you.

As you probably know, there are literally hundreds of mission agencies working in almost 200 countries, many of them searching for nurses and youth workers. Here are some suggestions to narrow things down:

1) You seem to be attending a church you appreciate. I would review the mission agencies that your church is supporting and then have an interview with the Chair of the Mission Committee and the pastor. I'm sure they would have recommendations to make and perhaps individual missionaries you could correspond with. There is an advantage in fitting into a context with which the church has had history.

2) Is there a part of the world that seems to draw you both? (Asia, Africa, Latin America)

3) Do either of you have biblical, theological, or missions training? Most missions would want you to have preparation in these and perhaps other areas.

4) Does a camping ministry interest you both? I know of a very active camping international ministry functioning in Latin America, and I am sure there are others in other parts of the world.

5) How much practical experience have you had in ministry - either through the church or para-ecclesiastic ministries (like a Christian camp, students groups, etc.)?

6) I am sending you the names of two search engines which may be a help to you. a) Right Now http://www.rightnow.org/worldConnection.aspx b) Mission finder: http://www.missionfinder.org/

May the Lord guide you both. As I often tell individuals He is more interested in your finding His place for you than you are, but the process is part of the preparation, including growth in faith and trust in His provision.

Blessings on you both.



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