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PT asked:

Hi Jack,Thanks for your very educative advise. I really appreciate. I have a question. I was recently found to be HIV positive. I dont know how I got the virus because I have never indulged in sexual immorality. This came as a blow to me really brought me down. I have a call to missions and I am determined to serve God in the mission field. But the attitude of my Pastor,who is an American, towards the situation gives me a lot of questions. It is evident that he looks at me in a different way. I am beginning to question my ability and suitability to serve God. I feel like I am no longer human and have no reason to live. Does it mean that when I am HIV positive I cannot serve God? Have I ceased to be human? I need your counsel. I am so desperate and confused.PT

Jack Answered:

I am sorry, PT, that your pastor looks at you "in a different way." It may be that he doesn't believe you and therefore inwardly suspects that you have both had an immoral past as well as being deceitful. Possibly he (or she) may not know what to say or how to counsel you.

I would encourage you to make an appointment with him (or her) and ask directly why this attitude. You might want to think of how you received the virus: whether through a blood transfusion or contact with another person in a non-immoral way. Ask your pastor to be honest with you, but also share your calling and desire to serve the Lord. You may have to prove your honesty by faithful participation in the church, to help the pastor see your true character.

But to directly answer your question, yes, of course, whatever your situation, you can serve God. You have not ceased to be human. In fact, one day the Lord may give you a powerful ministry among others who are HIV positive. I would also encourage you to pray for God to heal you, not as a condition for ministry, but to save your life.

May the Lord guide you as you seek His will, and may He give you clear words to share with others.



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