Hi Jack,My name is Rachel. ...

Rachel asked:

Hi Jack,My name is Rachel. I am currently a senior in college, who is looking at 3 options...either grad school, a job, or the missions field. I know that God has placed the calling of the missions field upon my life for South America, but I don't know exactly when? With it comes the issue of finances? What are suggestions you have for me? I would really like to do missions within the next year if it is according to God's plan. Thanks!Rachel

Jack Answered:

Thanks, Rachel, for your note. I praise the Lord that He has placed missions on your heart. And it means a lot to me personally that you are specifically interested in South America. I think that the next step would be for you to get in contact with a reputable and stable mission agency working in Latin America. You may know some from your church. On Google you will find a lot of options. I would like to recommend the Latin America Mission, since I have served with them for 40 years! (www.lam.org) One of the most creative opportunities they offer is the Spearhead experience (spearhead.org), a hands on two month participation in Mexico City. One full month is dedicated to orientation and preparation, when the Spearheaders actually live with a Mexican family. Then one month of ministry collaborating with local churches. This experience allows the participants to get beyond the “tourist level” into interaction with real people. It would give you an idea of what mission work could / would be like south of the border. Also, you meet leaders of the Mission and can ask them all your questions. Meanwhile, look up Operation World and read about the different countries in Latin America, and ask the Lord to lay on your heart what His will for your life may be. Don’t forget that the Urbana Student Convention will take place between Christmas and New Years in St. Louis. Urbana will not only instruct and challenge you, but it will give you an opportunity to meet representatives of over 300 mission agencies, many of whom work in Latin America. If you go – look me up, I’ll be there! This is the short answer. Don’t hesitate to get back to me. Jack

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