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Saneta asked:

Hi Jack!

I'm looking to get involved in medical missions but am having trouble finding a suitable organization to go with. I am open to go anywhere really and I want to serve for 1 year. I'll be graduating from pharmacy school May 2013 and want to use my degree as a pharmacist to serve. Any suggestions would be a great help!

Thank you!


Jack Answered:


I praise the Lord that you are interested in using your training and skill to serve the Lord.

With regard to ministry in Third World countries, a good place to start would be the Christian Medical and Dental Society (www.cmdahome.org). They send medical short term teams to over 15 countries and have a lot of experience. They could share with you what they see as opportunities.

You could also look at Health Emrgent International Services (www.heis.org); Health Teams International (HTIteams@cs.com); Interchurch Medical Assistance (www.interchurch.org); Mexican Medical Ministries www.mexicanmedical.com).

A large mission such as SIM (www.sim.org) which has ministries all over the world of all kinds, would be an excellent resource.

Large relief and development entities like World Vision (http://www.wvi.org/wvi/home.htm) or World Relief (http://www.wr.org/) would always be looking for skilled physicians.

Don’t overlook mission agencies supported by your church. Many of them will be interested in health care and may well be interested in your preparation and desire to serve.

Recently I received the following invitation to share, which might be of interest to you:

I work at Southeast Christian church in Louisville, KY and we host the Global Mission Health Conference each November.  I noticed several questions related to medical missions.  We have a large number of students who attend the conference and resources specifically for them - if you want to pass along our email to these students it is www.medicalmissions.com.

Global Mission Health Conference (www.medical missions.com)


Tina  tbruner@secc.org

I don’t know Tina personally, but you might want to check out this gathering.  I’m sure you would find it interesting.

You could also look through www.shorttermministries.com which has a wide array of options up to a year of participation.

I trust that some of these thoughts will be helpful to you.



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