Hi Jack,I am a theological ...

Toshi asked:

Hi Jack,I am a theological graduate and I would like to serve in a mission field in Japan. Though I have studied in the USA, I am unable to find a mission that accepts missioneries from India.Could you please direct me to some missions that would accept missionaries to Japan from India?God Bless,Toshi

Jack Answered:

Toshi, this is a new question for me! It would help me to know two things: - Which mission agencies have you approached? - Why did they feel that your being from India would rule out your application?

Here are the names of large mission agencies that work in Japan. I have no idea if they would put the restriction on participation because of your national/ethnic origin. You would have to ask them.

OMF International. Overseas Missionary Fellowship (formerly the China Inland Mission started by Hudson Taylor) is one of the largest and oldest mission agencies. Their missionaries come from many nations. I'd begin with them. http://www.omf.org/omf/us/about_omf They list about 20 missionaries in Japan.

SEND international. SEND does church planting, colaborating where possible with local churches, and is looking for people interested in working in Japan. They list 48 missionaries there. http://www.send.org/japan/opps.htm

TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission). They list over 100 missionaries in Japan and have been involved in ministry there a long time. http://www.teamworld.org/opportunity/opportunity.asp

If you don't receive a positive initial response from any of these three, please let me know!



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