Hi Jack,I am a high school ...

Kyra asked:

Hi Jack,I am a high school senior caught up in the confusion of what I should pursue as a college undergraduate student. My problem is that I am interested in, and passionate about, a variety of things. I love music. Singing is my favorite thing to do. I also love history. But, as I discovered this past June when I went on a missions trip to Belize, I have developed a passion for missions. I especially enjoyed working with the children. I have been researching, and I am interested in a major in possibly communications, anthropology, or sociology. But then I remember how much I love music, and I don't want to just give that up either. Could you give me some advice? Most importantly...could you pray for me? I feel really lead to work in missions, but the rest is ambiguous. I need prayer that I will have open ears and an open mind to what God has in store for me!Thank you, and God bless!

Jack Answered:

I’m glad, Kyra, that at this stage you are spreading your interests and options before you and seeking the Lord’s will both for what you may want to major in when you go to college, but what you want to prepare to actually do when you graduate, which may well include missions. Good thinking.

Let’s start from the end. If you are thinking of working with children in a missions context, you may want to think about elementary education as a major and even get a teaching certificate. Along the way, it would be good to take some electives in communications, anthropology, sociology, and even music. If you are desirous of being a missionary, you will also want to take some Bible courses, some basic theology, and a missions course. But all in its time.

Usually colleges and universities program the first two years as an introductory period, when students take basic required courses. This gives them time to explore in greater depth what their interests and abilities are. Wise counselors are able to help the individual student to think through their goals as they face the future. Often students will change their mind as their world expands before them through the taking of these courses, talking with counselors, professors, and fellow students and also engaging in practical experiences.

When you mention “music” you are opening a large subject. Are you interested in exploring music theory, taking voice lessons, composition, conducting, or serous performance? I would guess that you like to sing, and may be satisfied in singing in the college choir and perhaps taking some voice lessons. If you want to work with children, it would be good to learn to play a practical instrument like the guitar which is portable and very useful for the kind of singing people do today.

I would also like to emphasize the importance to being involved in a Christian group on campus that brings students together to worship, study the Bible, and also learn ways of sharing the Gospel, and learning how to disciple new believers. It may be one of the most important things you to in terms of preparation for the future.

If you have any interest in Latin America, I would strongly encourage you to consider a summer with the Spearhead project (www.spearhead.org), two months in Mexico emphasizing orientation, cultural adaptation, language learning, and hands-on ministry. It would give you a no nonsense introduction to what missions is all about at a much deeper level than most short term mission experiences.

I will be glad to pray for you, but it will be a one time prayer of intercession unless you continue to write me with your prayer requests.

Blessings on you, Kyra.



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