Hi Jack.. please answer my ...

Danielle asked:

Hi Jack.. please answer my question! I need help :) I really really want to go into full time missions. I want to be a worship leader and get a job with some big church somewhere.. or at least big enough that they would have a full time worship leader! ..anyway, I am currently working in the business world.. I have a really great job and my degree is in economics/business and art. Nothing about music, and nothing about ministry. My desicion to be a worship leader has been the culmination of a ton of stuff, but thats what i want to do. Now that i know that, I have no clue what to do next. I found a 3 year worship leadership masters program at APU in LA. .. I'm sure there are other such programs also, I have to just look more. But do I need to go get my masters to do worship leadership? Is there any other path? If not, do you know of any school or programs that you would recomend or if not, of any people that could talk to me about this? I really need some advice about this. Anything you could tell me would be soooo appreciated.. even if its just directing me elsewhere :)Thanks so much and I hope you are having a great day!God bless,Danielle Truppo

Jack Answered:

Danielle, I have received the following answer from a personal friend, Krista-Dawn Kimsey, a classically trained concert pianist from Canada, who works for InterVarsity in Washington State, and who did a great job leading worship at the Urbana Student Mission Convention before 20,000 young people in December of 2003.

“I want to go into full time missions.” If she is interested in missions, here is a great website about a very cool program that trains worship leaders to go on church planting teams. There is a HUGE need for worship leaders to study ethnomusicology and join mission teams to help believers around the world express themselves in their own musical language to God.

In addition to an ethnomusicology degree at Fuller Seminary, there is a training program through Pioneers called Worship From the Nations. Here is the link: www.worshipfromthenations.org

“But do I need to go get my masters to do worship leadership?”

If she is interested in leading worship here in the U.S. most large churches who hire full-time worship pastors expect degrees and a lot of experience.

Most large churches have choirs and orchestras, and require master’s degrees in music performance, experience conducting choirs and orchestras, and years of experience. Most young worship leaders are not full-time, they lead "emergent" services, or college-age services to get experience.

My best advice if she is sure that she wants to do this is go to a Christian school and get another Bachelors, or Master’s in worship leadership and find a small church to get a part-time position while she's in school that is free or ridiculously low-paying to get experience. I don't really know anything about the school, but Robert Webber is an EXCELLENT teacher and he's at Northern Baptist Seminary in Illinois, so she could start there.

Well, Danielle, I trust this is a start. I think your idea of getting some training at Asuza Pacific is a good one. You would find both help in music and in missions.



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