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Mandy asked:

hi Jack our church is reviving its missions committee and we are trying to figure out what to start with or what we should do first some baby steps and also things that we could start now and work on for a while, any suggestions on where to begin. Also I know there are some organisations that work specificly where no man has gone yet do you have a list of any organisations like that. of we are a "small" church from different background largely africans and caucasian americans in a majorly Hispanic and minorly? Asian neighbourhood. Thanks

Jack Answered:

Mandy, I congratulate you on your vision for seeking to revive your missions committee. Fortunately, you are not alone and there are quite a few resources to take advantage of.

I would encourage you to get in contact with Advancing Churches in Mission Commitment (http://www.acmcnetwork.com/). They are experts in just what you are attempting to do. They have conferences where you could attend and not only talk with their representatives but also get all kinds of suggestions from others who are seeking to do the very same thing you are.

Another resource is the Antioch Network (http://www.antiochnetwork.org/) This is an organization that is actively involved in planting churches in unreached areas. This might be a big step for you at this time, but it is a vision you could possibly grow into.

On this website of Operation Mobilization (http://www.om.org/) you will find stories of missions in action around the world which can inspire your committee.

Some helpful books. Here are two written by Paul Borthwick: A Mind for Missions and How To be a World-Class Christian which would be both helpful and challenging.

I would recommend the following steps, Mandy:

1) Gather your committee together and begin to talk about what you know. It might be interesting to read the Book of Acts together, the experience of the Early Church in their missionary involvement. Above all, begin to pray together. - Ask the Lord to give you a heart for those who are lost. - Begin to pray for the people in your neighborhood. It might be good to “prayer walk” around the blocks and ask the Lord to bless the people there, give you opportunities to get to know them, and even share the Gospel with them. - Ask the Lord to show you how He wants your church to be involved in missions.

2) Get in touch with ACMC (the first resource I mentioned above). They will give you ideas and materials.

3) Read the books I have recommended. (You can find them on Amazon.com)

4) Look for missionaries you could invite to come and share with your church. Have them speak to the young people and the Sunday School. Invite them to a small group. Ask them questions about how they got involved in missions, what was the greatest help to them, what advice they have for you.

I praise the Lord for your vision. May He guide you in the next steps you should take. I'd love to know how you make out!



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