Hi Jack, I'll be ...

Jon asked:

Hi Jack, I'll be graduating next year in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance, and I was wondering what kind of career ministry opportunities are there right now and how can I apply?

Jack Answered:

Jon, I am sure that there are many Christian organizations that have individuals trained as preachers who have to do business administration - and quite frankly, would love to have someone like you come along and take this burden off their hands so that they can do something they are trained to do and are gifted in.

If you are able to attend Urbana 06, you'll be able to contact literally hundereds of mission agencies and share your gifts, training, and calling with them. To narrow things down a bit, you might like to think of some part of the world that you feel called to, look for agencies that minister there, and talk with them.

Most missionary agencies have needs for people trained in business to help them in their home offices. You have a very important skill that all mission agencies need. May you find the spot the Lord has prepared for you.



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