Hi Jack, I have just ...

Julie asked:

Hi Jack, I have just recently felt like God is leading me to missions in the middle east or with muslims and I have no idea where to go from there. I'm trying to decide if I should go on a summer missions trip to get a feel for the whole thing or if I should work at a bible camp again. I also don't know how to prepare for this or if I should wait it out and see if it sticks or if its just a passing phase. I just don't know! And yes I know, Pray! But also do you know of any missions organizations that reach the middle east or to Muslims?

Jack Answered:

Julie, I would recommend that you investigate two organizations: Pioneers and Frontiers. Both concentrate on ministry to Muslims.

You can talk to them about the possibility of a short term experience. It will probably be expensive, but would certainly be an eye opener.



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