Hey Jack, I'm starting a ...

Jordan asked:

Hey Jack,

I'm starting a ministry to missionaries involving media. I want to make documentaries and use photography to promote missionaries to the church in the US.

Any suggestions on how to get started? I'm working on my portfolio and a pilot project right now. My major problem is my own finances.

Jack Answered:

Hello Jordan,

I've shared your question with my good friend, Eric Vess. This is his answer:

Your vision is similar to what God led me into for about 12 years (1991-2002). I was able to launch a non-profit 501(c)(3) called Video Vision, raised support for my salary (through a more-or-less traditional approach to deputation) and charged a minimum amount for the videos in order to support the other operational expenses.

I merged VV into my current employer (World Help) in 2003. Since then my responsibilities have evolved into leader development, teaching and management of our India and Middle East church planting projects, and therefore very little media production.

Others who want to use their media gifts for mission purposes have created for-profit businesses instead.

So the first question you have to answer is whether you will go the non-profit or the for-profit route. Each has its pros and cons.

If you choose to start a 501(c)(3), you will have to demonstrate how your organization differs from a for-profit business which does the same thing. If you choose to go the business route, I can put you in touch with a good friend of mine who took this path and has been quite successful.

A third path is to seek a position with an existing mission agency as a media specialist.

Let me know if I can answer


Eric Vess

Regional Director for India and the Middle East World Help


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