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Derek C asked:

Hello Jack,I'm a former VCF member in Toronto during my University years and was thoroughly blessed by Urbana 2003. I've got a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and working downtown at an IT company for 2 years now in a junior manager position. Currently I'm moving more towards outreach locally as my missions field calling is here in downtown Toronto (work or on the street).I've noticed the Lord has placed on my heart a burden for China. I've extensively travelled in China for a month as well. I'm actually Chinese myself and I'm continually improving my Chinese bit my bit and seeking the Lord in this area.The thing I'd like to ask is for your thoughts in possible missions for future and some possible paths I could consider. My parents have given me their blessing regardless of whether or not I go for missions and I plan to go back with my Pastor in November of this year. One concern is that the deeper I get into my job, the more it may be difficult for me to commit to missions. I'm not married yet and in terms of financially, I have a large reserve of cash to travel if the Lord calls me. The option of marriage is a bit scary since it might lock me down in North America tending for the family ;)I hope this isn't too much information for you, my nature is very analytical and I do keep seeing to delight in the Lord first over all the battle plans (not much really) of life. Derek C

Jack Answered:

Derek, I appreciate your caution. More than one missionary candidate has been derailed because of one distraction or another.

The fact that you are Chinese by race, are growing in your capacity to communicate in one of the Chinese languages, and will be visiting in November, as well has having had a month of visiting there, is very significant.

As you travel with your pastor, praying with him each day for guidance, I think the Lord will give you ideas. - You might see the possibility of getting a master’s degree and teaching computer science in a Chinese university. - You might want to take a TESL course and return to teach English. - Other options might present themselves.

As for “entangling alliances,” such a marriage, I think this is a matter of a decision. If the Lord has called you to China, this call will determine the friendships you make with young ladies. It seems to me that you would want to find a Chinese young woman who also has your call to mission. I would encourage you to make this a matter of prayer.

In all of this, you are precious to the Lord, He made you, He has a purpose for your life, and He has promised to guide His people. He is the Good Shepherd who goes before His sheep for whom He has given His life (John 10).

May you experience the joy of finding His perfect place for you.



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