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Matt asked:

Hello Jack!I would like to know if there are any Online Distance Education Degrees that offer 'Missionary Scholarships' to those that are serving on the foreign mission field?My google search has rendered nothing in the area of distance education, and I find it hard to believe that no one is offering such a program for missionaries, of whom live way below the nominal levels of lifestyle and living - or are we a forgotten people...In Christ,Matt Hastreiter

Jack Answered:

Thanks, Matt, for your question about Online Distance Education. I would encourage you to enquire at Moody Bible Institute (http://mmm.moody.edu). You'll have to ask them about whether they offer degrees at the present time (I think they may, though they didn't used to) and inquire about scholarship possibilities. I would guess that their costs are so rock bottom that even without scholarship help you may well be able to afford what they charge. You might also ask them about other institutions they would recommend.

If finances continue to be a problem, I would encourage you to share your need with your suppporters. I'm sure that those who care for you and support you would be happy to give you a hand in furthering your education.

If Moody doesn't offer a degree, I know that other schools will receive their credits toward their own degree. You could ask them about this. Wheaton does, but Wheaton is quite expensive. One option would be to do most of your credits at Moody, then take a study furlough and finish your degree at another institution that would grant you a degree.

By God's grace I was able to take two study furloughs at Fuller's School of World Mission (which is not cheap). For the first, my family (wife and 3 kids) stayed in missionary housing (inexpensive) for a year, the second time (without the kids), the Lord provided help through a generous friend. Don't sell the Lord short. He loves His missionaries and is able to provide what we need. I know you believe this, but sometimes we don't consider furthering our education a "need," which I think it really is. Missionary housing is often a well-kept secret. In Glendale, CA, we stayed in the Christian Missionary Alliance missionary housing. In Wheaton, there are a number of really nice houses built for missionaries on furlough (any evangelical mission) which are practically free, totally - and I mean totally - furnished down to the silverware!

Blessings on you, Matt.



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