Hello Jack,I am interested ...

Dan asked:

Hello Jack,I am interested in doing business as missions but my major in college was humanities with an international studies minor. Is there any fields you would suggest for me to pursue or any addition schooling that would be advantageous for me?Danjohnson.d.psalm42.1@gmail.com

Jack Answered:

Thanks, Dan, for your question. I am limited in my answer since I have little theoretical or practical training or experience in the area of business. To do creative work in business I would assume that it would be helpful to have an MBA. Working overseas would require a thorough investigation of local conditions and hopefully a relationship with a reliable national savvy in the ways of his culture and with a foundation of Christian conviction and conscience.

You might want to look over literature available and recommended on Google, looking up “Business as Mission” (or “Mission as Business”).

Meanwhile, ask the Lord to guide you as you do your investigation, to lay some specific place on your heart. Possibly your readings in your international studies minor have already alerted you to some places that appear to be particularly needy. It might be well worth it to scope out a possible situation through a short term mission.



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