Hello Jack;I am a grad ...

Chris asked:

Hello Jack;I am a grad student in Literature. My original plan was to become a professor and serve God through that position. But now I'm running into obstacles to getting my next degree. I don't know if this means God's closing that door, or if I just have to press on through those obstacles: I'm casting about to see what to do next.What can you tell me about ministry opportunities for professors? And, should that not be where God wants me, what else can a teller and lover of stories do in His service?--Chris

Jack Answered:

Hi, Chris:

When you speak of "ministry opportunities for professors," are you thinking of this country or abroad? In either, I feel a teacher of anything, but especially of literature, can have a significant ministry. Good literature is an expression of ideas and experiences that reflect a world view. Whether within the class or without, a committed Christian can bring much to the discussion and have a great influence on students.

In addition, a "teller of stories" has a unique gift to communicate in an interesting and compelling way, drawing upon both the facility of expression as well as the many stories one can use as illustrations.

May the Lord guide you as much through closed doors as open ones. I remember the words of Jesus in Revelation, "Behold I have set before you an open door and no man can shut it." His door for you will always be open.



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