hello, i have been ...

jessica asked:

hello, i have been researching for any program that will be able to aid and teach me how to run a third-world clinic. do you or know of any 12-18 month programs that offer these requirements?Jessica

Jack Answered:

I have never heard of one, Jessica. The best I can do for you is give you a list of agencies that emphasize medical work. You can look them up and even talk to representatives, and see if they can suggest what you are looking for.

Christian Medical Society (www.cmdahome.org); Health Emrgent International Services (www.heis.org); Health Teams International (HTIteams@cs.com); Interchurch Medical Assistance (www.interchurch.org); Mexican Medical Ministries www.mexicanmedical.com).

You might also want to contact the larger relief and development agencies, such as World Vision (www.worldvision.org); Food for the Hungry (www.fh.org); or World Relief (www.wr.org).



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