Get pumped for Urbana's first hackathon!

Hello World! I’ve got some cool news this week. Earlier this year I applied for Urbana’s new Hack4Missions program, an event designed specifically for programmers and other techies that takes place during the afternoons of Urbana. I found out this week that I was accepted!

If you haven’t heard of it already, Hack4Missions is what we nerds like to call a “hackathon.” Typically, hackathons involve a single tech challenge, small teams of coders, and a two or three day window in which the teams work furiously to solve the problem. The problem is often contrived just for the sake of the competition, and that’s what makes Hack4Missions so special. This program will feature actual challenges faced by real-world missions organizations, and I’m really excited to get to participate.

During Urbana, I’ll be meeting other Christian techies, working with mentors in the industry, and brainstorming on how to best use technology to help today’s missions organizations overcome challenges they face. I’m definitely nervous about holding my own in what’s sure to be a group of talented people, but if nothing else, I’m planning on learning a ton. I’ll be posting updates daily at the conference, so be sure to stay tuned for my Hack4Missions experience. And if you’re at Urbana, you can come to the closing presentation on Thursday to see the results firsthand.



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