The Glory of the LORD

This study is an example of God's great power and the different qualities he possesses. It helps us begin to understand the sovereignty of God and his relationship with Moses and his people.

Through Moses, God has rescued the Israelites from Egypt and led them into the wilderness. Already they have sinned against God by refusing to trust and obey Him; yet God commands Moses to lead them toward the promised land. These verses depict the depth of Moses' relationship with his Lord.

Observation and Interpretation

  1. What requests does Moses make of God? (33:13-18)
  2. Why is God's presence so important to Moses?
  3. What is God's response to Moses' petitions? (33:14, 17)
  4. List the things you learn about God from the preliminary statements of verses 19-23.
  5. Describe the setting in which Moses is to meet God. (34:1-5)
  6. Meditate upon the attributes of God in verses 6 and 7. What do these words mean? What do they show us about God's relationship to all?
  7. What was Moses response to this revelation?


  1. Write down any new thought God has given you about His character and action toward men and women.
  2. How will this affect your life today?

For further study

Isaiah 6:1-8; 57:15-21; 1 Timothy 1:7; 6:15,16; Romans 11:33-36

From Student Training in Missions, 1992


Exodus 33 - 34


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