I’M SO HYPED, GUYS. IT’S ALMOST REAL. Loyal readers will recall that my Urbana afternoons will be spent coding away at Hack4Missions, Urbana’s inaugural hackathon that will place missional techies with real-world challenges.


(For more information and less caps lock, you can check out, where the hackathonian details are posted in their full glory. In the meantime Imma keep geeking out.)

Awesome Challenge #1: leveraging natural language processing and rapid word collection to reduce the time needed to translate the Bible into a new language (Did you know that takes 17 years? Did you? I SURE DIDN’T). THIS IS MY FAVORITE CHALLENGE AND I WANT TO DO IT.

Awesome Challenge #2: develop a fun and interactive game for missions. Sorry, I think I read that wrong. I’ve been working on storyboards, character design, and game engine coding for so long at school that I think I just hallucinated video game design into Awesome Challenge #2. OH WAIT NO I DIDN’T! THAT’S THE ACTUAL CHALLENGE. GET HYPED GUYS. WE’RE MAKING VIDEO GAMES FOR JESUS.

Awesome Challenge #3: hack a wireless router to create a high-speed local network that can transmit missional resources in every language and character set. What, your country persecutes Christians and monitors the internet for seditious activity? WELL GUESS WHAT, WE BUILT YOU YOUR VERY OWN SECRET INTERNET. Forget the other challenges because challenge #3 is best challenge.

Wait, what’s that? There’s TEN MORE? I could be contributing to open source hospital software, plugging in to the 2016 Olympics evangelical strategy, or building a web app to share missional audio in just TWO WEEKS?

In all seriousness, I’m really, really excited about this. I know we’ll just have a few short days to work on these problems, and that building viable, long-term solutions to these problems is going to take a lot more work than we’ll be able to get done in that short time frame. But me and the 189 other Hack4Missions kids are gonna have a heck of a time trying. And for pretty much the first time in my life, I won’t be coding for a professor, or a homework deadline, or an intern supervisor. I’ll be coding for Jesus.



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