Game Time

We’ve spent the last week in intense training. We learned about the need around the world for God’s story, we heard many experiences from the front lines of missions around the world, we entered into stories outside our own through different styles of worship, we explored options and opportunities available for us to enter into missions, we studied the life of Jesus, we joined in prayer for the persecuted church around the world and finally we were invited into commitments to join in the great commission.

After such an amazing training session it’s easy to get so caught up in exhaustion that we forget that our stories have only just begun.

So as the last of us make make it back to our homes, schools, and communities, let's take just a moment to rest and reflect. As our fantastic coach Shaylen Jackson told us, we are vulnerable to the temptation and influence of the enemy when we are tired. With all that we have received, we must use this time to reflect on all that we have heard and how we can begin telling God’s story in our post Urbana lives. As we rest and reflect I think it will be very helpful to keep in mind the 3 keys to success coach laid out for us.

1. Be a learner

It’s time to crack open those books of the day! Even without seminars and speakers and 16,000 teammates around us, there is a world around us in desperate need of God’s story. By keeping our eyes and hearts open and refusing to become numb to the hurt in the church and the world, we can continue to hear and enter into God’s call for our lives.

2. Be a team player

Our team is much bigger than 16,000 people in St. Louis for a week in December. We are members of the global church, and as members of His household we can encourage and stand with each other in missions through prayer. Just as we prayed incessantly for the persecuted church together, let us remember our commitments to become constant interceders for our brothers and sisters and may we live it out together.

3. Be a storyteller

We were blessed to be part of the Urbana15 team, but now it is time to go out and share what we have learned and how God has and is moving in us. We have already used the Urbana15 hashtag to share with the world (seriously go check it out!) but it can’t stop there. Write, draw, sing, dance, speak, or in whatever way God has given you, share the story. As coach said, “it was good” is not an acceptable description of your Urbana experience. It’s time to take our stories and, more importantly, God’s story back to our schools, churches, family, and friends.

We have already seen amazing things together, and by the grace of God we’ve grown together and even welcomed hundreds into our family. But Urbana was just a warm up for what is to come. Hope y’all are ready team, because now it is game time.


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