Ephesians at Urbana, Part 1

Questions for Manuscript Study

This study is part of a series of four studies covering Ephesians:

Part 1, Ephesians 1:15-2:10
Part 2, Ephesians 3:1-3:21
Part 3, Ephesians 4:17-5:16
Part 4, Ephesians 5:17-6:9

Read Ephesians 1:15-2:10

  1. Why was Paul praying for these particular things?
  2. What does it mean that “God placed all things under his feet”?
  3. What does it mean that Jesus is “head over everything for the church”?
  4. How does Paul describe people apart from Christ?
  5. In what ways would this passage encourage Paul’s readers?


  1. In what areas of life do you struggle to have hope? How does this passage speak to those struggles?
  2. What difference does it make that Christ has authority over every other power? How would that conviction change the way you respond to problems in the world?
  3. How do you think and talk about the church?
  4. How should that change in light of this passage?
  5. How have you experienced being made alive with Christ? Who would God have you share that testimony with?
  6. How open are you to listening to God about the good works he has prepared for you to do (rather than determining them yourself)? Ask Jesus to speak to you this week.

Questions for this manuscript study come from Urbana 09.


Ephesians 1 - 2


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