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Lacy asked:

Do you know of any mission agencies that do not require missionaries to raise support (besides denominational missions)? I am aware of one agency - WMPL(World Mission Prayer League)- which prohibits its missionaries from 'raising support', but I'm wanting to look into any others out there with a similar philosophy.

Jack Answered:

No, Lacy, I don’t. Raising one’s support is the pattern for the vast majority of non-denominational mission agencies. The reason, basically, is that denominations receive donations from their churches, whereas non-denominational mission agencies don’t have this base.

I know that raising one’s support is a fearsome thing for many Christian workers. We Americans are basically independent, don’t like to beg from others (and don’t respect those who do when they ask us), and it seems like a huge mountain to cross.

If this is the hurdle you are facing, I would encourage you to get and read the book People Raising by Bill Dillon. Check his web site as well. He has refreshing and inspiring ways to look at this task.

For me, “raising support” (“people raising” as Bill puts it) has its benefits: " As God provides for us, it confirms His call. After all, He is the one who has called us and is the One we trust to provide for us. " I have discovered that God wants us all to grow in faith, and He will use all kinds of experiences to stretch our faith and confidence in Him. One of these experiences is trusting Him for finances. If you have a chance, read the biographies of Hudson Taylor (who raised up the largest denomination in the 19th Century to work in China) or George Muller (who cared for 4,000 orphans, trusting alone in God’s provision). " It enables us to forge a bond with people who care enough about us to invest in our ministry. It is people like this who are more likely to pray for us. And we need the consistent prayer of faithful people.

Lacy, I’ve gone far beyond your question, I know. At any rate, may the Lord guide you as you seek His best.

In His Grace,



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