Dear Jack,You've probably ...

Randi asked:

Dear Jack,You've probably gotten this question before. Next December I will be graduating with an English and Dance degree. My original intentions were to pursue an english teaching position at a highschool before certification and if that didn't work, to obtain my certification and try again. God has increasingly grabbed a hold of my heart and my life lately and I feel led to be ultimately involved with the church and missions. I don't want my degree to go to waste though. What are my options for incorporating the two for a steady life's work? Additionally, what are the best options for married couples who would like to go into this together?Randi

Jack Answered:

I applaud your sense of call to be “involved with the church and missions,” Randi. When you received this call, what did you consider doing? To help you more specifically, I would like to know how you have served the Lord during your college years. - Were you actively involved in a student Christian group, participating in Bible studies, evangelism, and discipleship? - What has been your participation in the church? How has this participation led you to look forward to service in mission? - Have you been in a mission trip? What did you do and how did this touch your heart to service in this ministry?

Some people with your background have found a niche in a mission context teaching in a school for missionaries’ children. Your experience in dance might fit in as well. As far as your spouse is concerned, I would think that if both of you are called, serving together would be a strong plus.

Serving in a school for missionaries’ children would enable you to function with only a knowledge of English, enable you to see what the situation is like in a foreign country, and even introduce you to the language. The Lord might touch your heart with specific needs you see there and then you could return to the U.S., get more training, and branch into activities dealing with the people of that country.

Another possibility might be to teach English in a Christian school run by a mission agency or founded by a mission agency. The problem is that without knowledge of the local language, your contacts would be quite limited.

Continue to ask the Lord where He wants you to serve and what He wants you to do. He is well able to guide you.



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